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3 Things Your Business Website Must Do

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Unless you don’t want your business to earn money, the ultimate purpose of your website it to gain more customers and increase revenues. To that end, here are three things that your business website must do, regardless of the specific business you are in.

1: Be Responsive

Most likely, you’ve heard that your website needs to be responsive and mobile friendly. This can’t be stressed enough! As much as %60 of Canadian web traffic is done via mobile. So if your website doesn’t present the user with a good experience on a smart phone, your loosing potential customers!

If you need some more info, read more about what Responsive Design is.

2: Capture Leads

When someone visits your website, whether it is to look at a product listing, read a blog post, or check out your about page, they likely have at least a little interest in your products or services. That means you should try to reach out to them.

To do that, you’ll need to “capture the lead”. When it comes to a website viewer, the easiest and most obvious way to do that is to collect an email address. Once the user has submitted their email address, you can follow up with periodic newsletters or email promos.

Don’t underestimate the power and potential of an email list.¬†With open rates of about %20, and click rates around %3-%5, emails are an effective way of engaging your leads.

3: Introduce Yourself / Your Staff

When it comes to small businesses, customers like to know who they are dealing with. The best way to introduce yourself is with an about page. Be sure to include photos of the key staff and customer service people.

Need a little inspiration? Check out ours.


Following these suggestions won’t guarantee that you get rich overnight. I do promise though that your website will convert more leads, and have a lower bounce rate if you do.