About Cloudsmith Studio

Cloudsmith Studio is a one person (for now…) web design studio located in Halifax, NS that specializes in fully responsive websites for small and medium sized businesses or personal websites.

Believe in the Web

I believe in and care about the web. Nothing in my lifetime has changed the world as much as this technology. It is my aim to help everyone leverage the power of the web. Every person and business should have their own presence on the internet, and have ownership and control over it, but not everyone knows how to do that. I can help.

About Me

Michael Erwin

A background in live theatre has shown me the importance of the small details. Maybe your customers don’t really mind that wobbly table, or blurry photo on your website, but they notice. When those little details are perfectly fixed, it adds up to an experience they won’t forget!

I bring to Web Design a focus on your audience, the customer, that few others can.

My favourite part about making web sites and apps? There is always more to learn. Learning new things is what makes me tick, and staying on top of new trends and technologies on the web perpetually satisfies that itch.

Contact Details

(902) 877 9719