What is WordPress? A Non-Nerd Explanation

What Is WordPress

WordPress is a hugely popular software solution for making websites. Tens of millions of websites are powered by WordPress. Because it is so widely used, there is a lot of information about it available. Some of this information can be confusing for someone who doesn’t work with internet technologies. This article will try to answer […]

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Website Encryption: What Non-Nerds Need to Know

Green Padlock

If security on the internet doesn’t have your attention yet, then you must have spent most of the last couple years in a cave! From the revelations of Edward Snowden in 2013, to the Sony hack in late 2014, and multiple high profile security breaches in between, the news stories about compromised data and privacy […]

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What is Responsive Web Design: A Non-Nerd Explanation

Mobile Device

Web Designers use a lot of jargon. Most of it is inside baseball that you don’t need to be concerned with. Responsive Web Design is however something you should understand, as it could have a huge impact on your website usability and lead conversion. What is it? Simply put, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a […]

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