How and Why to Use a Custom 404 Page

Missing Person Milk Carton

Just in case you don’t know, a 404 Error Page is what your users see when they try to navigate to a URL that does not exist. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen very often, but given enough time and users, it certainly will. Perhaps they’ve mis-typed the URL, or maybe you’ve moved or deleted a resource. […]

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3 Things Your Business Website Must Do

3 Item Check List

Unless you don’t want your business to earn money, the ultimate purpose of your website it to gain more customers and increase revenues. To that end, here are three things that your business website must do, regardless of the specific business you are in. 1: Be Responsive Most likely, you’ve heard that your website needs […]

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How to Choose a Web Design Agency

Your website is probably the cornerstone (or should be anyway!) of your digital marketing efforts. When it comes time to redesign or build your first website, choosing the right partner is critical. It’s going to be a little bit like getting married, but without the romance. This will be a major investment for you business. […]

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5 Steps to Creating a Digital Strategy For Your Small Business

When it comes to the web Flexibility > Specificity. When creating a traditional business plan, managers are considering a 3-5 year horizon. This is far too long when it comes to digital, that is your website, CRM, social media etc. The pace of innovation and change in the digital world is far too fast for […]

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