West Zealand Bridge

Kisserup Int’l Trade Roots

The Client

Kisserup International Trade Roots

Helping business build bridges to other markets internationally means working with a lot of different clients in many different places. Kisserup has offices in Halifax, Canada and Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Project


  • Enhance usability on Mobile Devices
  • Add E-Commerce for digital products and room bookings
  • Allow staff to add and edit content
  • Update visual design
  • Edit existing content to be less verbose


Like many small businesses that jumped on the internet band wagon in the late 90's or early 2000's, Kisserup International Trade Roots had a website that was starting to show it's age. Built before the rise of mobile devices and shortened customer attentions spans, the previous website was fixed width and had many pages with dense text.

The business had changed since that website was commissioned. Kisserup now needed e-commerce functionality, and wanted to provide a better user experience on mobile devices.

The Solution

We settled on a site powered by WordPress. This gave the team at Kisserup the power to add to and edit their content anytime.

The theme design is more modern, making more use of white space and open colours.

WooCommerce, a very popular e-commerce plugin is used to enable online sales of digital products and the booking of their rental space.

The Product

The final website features an e-commerce store for digital products, a lighter design with more white space and fewer words, and works well on mobile phones and small screens.